Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beach Kitchen Love


I love everything about this kitchen from Southern Accents, from the pale blue tile to the yellow lemons on the marble counter. A kitchen like this might even inspire me to cook now and then!


  1. I've had this picture in my inspiration file for over a year. I love it, too. I'm almost afraid to track down the tile for my backsplash (I'm painting the cheap cabinets that came with my condo this week!).

  2. Julia! I also found this picture recently when I was searching around on google images! That is so funny, we have similar taste, I love this kitchen!!!

  3. How funny.....I also have this kitchen in my inspiration file......along with photos of the rest of the house. It is a really gorgeous house and my dream home (sighing to myself). Hope this is one dream that comes true.
    Love the new blog by the way......

  4. We liked this kitchen so much that we used this kitchen as inspiration for our new kitchen here in Jupiter, FL. We tried to find out more about the blue tile backsplash and even located the Atlanta decorator from Southern Accents article. Called them to ask if the blue tiles were glass or ceramic. The young lady who answered the phone could only tell me that the house was in Watercolors, a development in northwestern Florida. She said she would ask the decorator to call me, but I never heard from them. Kind of nasty, I think. I will send a picture of the completed kitchen in the near future. By the way we used sea blue glass tile for our backsplash. Very expensive, hope you think we didn't waste out money.

  5. The kitchen you posted in your blog of the white cabinets and blue backsplash was the inspiration for out new kitchen. We are about 90% finished. I found out the name of the decorator of this kitchen from Southern Accents magazine. I called them to find out what kind of tiles they used. I guessed that they were glass tiles. The decorator is located in Atlanta. The girl who answered the phone couldn't tell me the type of manufacturer of the tile. She did say that this pretty kitchen is located in Watercolors, a planned community in the pan handle of Florida. She said she would ask the decorator to give me a call re: the tiles, but they never did call. We used glass tile and a color a bit darker. I will send a picture of our Jupiter, FL kitchen when it if finished.


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