Tuesday, July 28, 2009

David Hinchen's Houses


I just discovered David Hinchen, an artist who paints architectural illustrations and fine art house portraits. Some of my favorite pieces are the ones he painted of houses by the sea. This one is called "The Dunes:"


In an e-mail to me, David told me a little about his work: "My paintings celebrate the visually absorbing shapes, colors, textures and eccentric details of the urban landscape. I've developed an original technique which is characterized by precise ink images with acrylic tones painted over each other, resembling semi-opaque layers."

This one is called "East End Porch," and I would love to be sitting on it right now:


You can see more of Hinchen's work and read more about him at his website. He also has an Etsy shop.

P.S. I've got photos of the old stone farmhouse from the movie "Marley & Me" posted on my other blog today if you want to see them!


  1. Thank you! I would love to pay him a visit. I would love to see my house on canvas! Beautiful work!

  2. love this, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. His had is lovely, will drop by his shop. Thank you!

  4. Oh what I would do to have a house like that - in the perfect location - ahhhh...thanks for letting me get lost in the moment.

  5. He has a way with blue hues that just pulls me in

  6. Lovely...wow! Thanks for sharing those:)


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